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From Golf Digest Fitness Advisor Ben Shear

Shoulder turn is a bit of a controversial topic in the golf community, especially when discussing it with teaching professionals. Some say there is too much emphasis on trying to make as big a rotation as possible, many feel that if golfers turn back too far they can lose the spring-like coil needed to swing back. Other instructors hold the argument that coiling techniques and the modern golf swing demands the need for a healthy turn.

No matter which side of the debate you agree with, Golf Digest fitness advisor Ben Shear says it’s important to have good thoracic mobility in order to protect your back from injury. One might think that this is a shoulder turn; however, Shear says that your backswing rotation is driven by the muscles around the mid-to-upper portion of your back. This area of the spine is known as the thoracic or “T” spine.

If you’d like to make a better backswing, start by improving your thoracic rotation by trying the exercise demonstrated here by Shear and highly regarded golf instructor Debbie Doniger.


See original Golf Digest article here.


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