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Some may disagree, but golf is exercise. What you eat after the round can fuel better performances.

Make no mistake, golf is exercise. Since all athletes are dedicated to performing their best, there is no reason to believe that golfers should pass on a hot dog at the turn and focus on the foods that will fuel their on-course ambitions.

The food that you eat after exercise will help you replace lost nutrients and electrolytes and allow recovery by putting energy back into your muscles. It also helps repair and protect them.

The timing of your after-exercise meal is important in recovering from exercise and helps you store the calories as muscle fuel more effectively. Your body will get the most out of exercise if you eat within 30 to 45 minutes after you train or play a sport. This is a key time because your body is most ready to recover.

The right combination of food groups or macronutrients is carbohydrate and protein. In fact protein eaten together with carbohydrates maximizes the body’s ability to recover from exercise and sports.

Carbohydrates are foods like whole grains breads and, cereals such as oatmeal, fruits and vegetables. A good choice of a carbohydrate food after your workout would be fresh fruit or whole grains.

Protein foods include cheese, chicken, beef, fish or eggs and egg whites. Whey protein is digested more rapidly and can be found in some protein drinks. Low-fat proteins like chicken or egg whites are good choices. Soy is also a good choice. The combination of protein to carb should be around two grams of carbs for every one gram of protein. A good example of an after-exercise meal that has the right combination is Greek yogurt or chocolate milk. About eight to 12 ounces of either choice is all you need.

Your snacks and meals after exercise can consist of whole foods or liquid supplements. Bars or smoothies are also good choices if they have the right amount of carbs and protein. Don’t get fooled by claims on the front or the back of the packages on some of the protein shakes on the market. Most usually have too much protein, which can be damaging to your kidneys and add calories that you don’t need. Ask your nutritionist which is best for you!


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