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Frogger, LLC, the leader in innovative, high performance, functional and fun golf accessories, today unveiled the next generation of golf towels with the debut of the TRAX Towel. The first golf towel to feature Catch Latch magnetic fastening technology, TRAX offers ultimate absorbency with a convenient system to quickly connect and disconnect the towel to a golf bag.

“Aside from a club or ball, the golf towel is arguably the next piece of equipment most utilized by golfers from their bag to the green and back,” said Jeremiah Bohannon, CEO, Frogger, LLC. “Because the towel is an instrumental part of keeping clubs clean, and hands and grips dry during a round of golf, we believe the launch of TRAX, with Catch Latch technology, is a significant accessories advancement for golfers of all levels.”

TRAX, a 20” x 24” premium microfiber towel, is the ideal size and features a waffle design that is strong enough to clean clubs, but safe enough to wipe eye glasses, thanks to its gentle, non-abrasive and highly absorbent polyester material. What clearly sets the TRAX Towel apart from other products in the golf marketplace is Catch Latch technology.  While most golfers hang their towels on their bag, this typically provides little security from it falling off, and less convenient when attached using traditional methods.

With Catch Latch, the TRAX Towel simply attaches and detaches via a dongle attached to the TRAX Towel and  a receiver clamp that affixes to the top of any golf bag. The magnets in the dongle and receiver attract and self-align to quickly and securely connect.  To detach the TRAX Towel and take it anywhere, simply pull the dongle straight out for access to the towel anywhere on the course.

“The TRAX Towel joins our Amphibian towel line, which has become synonymous with quality, performance and absorbency for nearly a decade,” adds Bohannon. “By offering value-added Catch Latch technology to the TRAX towel, we provide golfers a first-of-its-kind magnetic fastening system that delivers convenience and security.”

The Catch Latch technology offered in the TRAX towel is one of the many ways the magnetic fastening system will be utilized by Frogger, including golf brushes, cell phone holders and rangefinders, among other products.  According to Bohannon, “We expect Catch Latch will eventually become a must have golf technology for players of all levels to better manage their accessories during practice and play.”

The TRAX towel comes in six bold colors grey/black, blue/black, red/black, lime green/black, orange/black, and green/amaranth, and features Frogger’s trademark frog in a dual TRAX pattern.  TRAX has a suggested retail price of $24.95.  The TRAX towel is available for direct sale at www.froggergolf.com, or at leading golf retailers.

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